My name is Halley, and my last name is not Alexa; people have a hard time pronouncing my last name, so I stick with Halley Alexa. I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in west Michigan, but I am ready and willing to venture to new things, new places, and most importantly new people.

My Story

I began exploring portrait photography in 2011 when my father encouraged me to tap into my passion for art and creating lovely things. I immediately fell in love with the entire process of image-making. I took a few photo classes after graduating high school and adored most all forms of photography, including the craft of film and darkroom photography. I found that the most thrilling of things I pointed my camera at was people. Without fail, when I carry a camera I get wrapped up in capturing the light in people; and I must say I would rather love to photograph the light in you as well.


More about me that you may or may not care to know

I love to explore (ideas, places, people's potential, you name it). I create best when I am sleep-deprived. Sometimes I lose track of the clock because I am wrapped up in absorbing the loveliness of something. My eyes are the color of chocolate in the shade, but honey in the sun. There is a small scar on my nose which was once mistaken for a piece of spaghetti. I admire honest people and people who can laugh at themselves. I am nothing and Jesus is all.