jenna + joe

Thankful for windy, bright spring weddings, when the shadows are long in the middle of the day.
Thankful for bright eyes and welcoming hearts.
Jenna and Joe were incredibly hospitable; right away they treated me like they’d known me for years, and it was a privilege to witness their love for one another and care for those celebrating with them.

laura + jack

What a delightful pair are these ones. I was so glad for Jack’s energetic enthusiasm and curiosity, and Laura’s sweet joy and calm demeanor. Meandering down unfamiliar trails, getting stuck in briars, and nearly getting run down by cyclists was a literal and figurative walk in the woods with these ones.

meagan + kevin

The love these two share has fought through so much. It is so beautiful to see them unified and caring for and loving one another deeply, faithfully, joyfully. If you see even a sliver of that in the pictures from this bright, wind-blown winter session, I'm happy.

Take a gander.

julia + william

It was chilly outside. But so much warmth, joy, and gratitude emanated from William, Julia, and their family and friends on the day of their beautiful autumn wedding.
Low light, bright souls.

Enjoy the smiles and electric energy of these two. So happy for them and their profoundly lovely and sincere love for one another.


lauren + matt

There was so much laughter and joy during this session! So excited to celebrate with Lauren and Matt's union in November. Their love for one another is so sincere and gentle. I absolutely adore watching them interact.

All the heart eyes. Check it out.

alison + chris

It can be surprisingly fun to improvise with a bride and groom when a downpour comes along on their wedding day. I was so glad Alison and Chris remained positive and excited all day, despite the abysmally wet weather! I'm always thankful for clients who won't let anything discourage their special day, because what matters is that they're together and celebrating their beautiful union!


stephaney + john

Everything about this day was the simplest sort of elegant, organic, and honest. Such an absolute dream to photograph all the lovely details!

I'm so thankful, also, to have been able to shoot with Stephaney and John before for their engagement, and when they adopted their beautiful puppy Kai (I'm sure you'll see some of the snaps from that session soon too)! Glad for their kind hearts and modesty, for the ways the serve others generously, and for their artistic taste; I'm so humbled to have been able to photograph this beautiful day!


grand rapids family session

Goodness, I loved photographing this delightful group of humans. It was a treat being able to take pictures of all four of them together for the first time since Mayola and Kirk were married. All of them are incredibly easy-going and kind. It was so easy to laugh with them as we scurried across the streets of downtown Grand Rapids carrying outfits, purses, camera bags, and umbrellas in case the rain came to surprise us again. This family has got spirit.

Side note: you may also recognize the older of the two sisters. If you do, then ten points! Good job. That means you've seen my previous posts from Sasha and Sam's engagement photos. Can't wait to celebrate their wedding in the summer!


This one is going places! And I don't just say that because she's family; Marissa is a driven student, an honest friend, and a talented dancer. Also, I'm pretty sure she read all three Lord of the Rings books before she reached the age of ten, if that says anything about her character and her desire to learn. She picks things up fast!

Marissa, dear, you have so much ahead.


wendy + andrew

These two are adventurers. Down-to-earth, flexible, lovers of nature and of ice cream; all qualities I can respect and stand behind one hundred percent.

We were so excited to have a fresh coat of fluffy snow covering East Lansing for these pictures, and I was thankful for Wendy and Andrew's willingness to try anything for this session. I hope you like what we got as much as we do!