tianna + nick

laura + jack

I had the privilege of photographing Laura and Jack’s engagement pictures, and now their wedding day, and let me tell you: they are so delightful.
Right from the get-go I could see these two are as different as night and day, yet they truly thrive on their differences! Where Jack is very outgoing and adventurous, Laura is levelheaded and calming; where she is detail-oriented, he sees the big picture; where he embraces all that she is, and naturally draws her out of her comfort zone, she seems to really see him for who he is and ground him in that.
They are real with each other.
They are each other’s safe place, and that was beautiful to see. I hope you see it too.



Honest. Positive. Reliable. Kind. Strong. Efficient. Joyful. Witty.

World, meet Macey.


francesca + daniel

These two and their family and friends were so much overflowing with joy and love for one another. Daniel and Francesca went all-out with their fairytale-inspired wedding, and I will say it was a lot of fun shooting the sunlight falling on their lovely little princessly and princely details. In addition, I was truly honored to spend the day with two people so humble, generous, and positively radiant with joy.

See for yourself!


sasha + sam

I am convinced that no one has ever been so accommodating and helpful to their wedding photographer as these two kind souls were for me. I knew Sasha and Sam were kind souls since I photographed their engagement pictures, but it struck me when, on their wedding day, the very first thing Sasha said when I walked into the salon where she got ready was, “did you get something to eat?”

In addition to the kindness they offered me there was so much efficiency in their scheduling and coordinating to make things easy for me and their other vendors, but still with so much readiness and ease for when things inevitably didn’t go as planned. They were excited to have my creativity present, open to ideas, but also brought their own ideas in order for us to collaborate together. All of this made the atmosphere an absolute piece of cake to work in; and that’s not to mention the stunning decorations, lovely shooting locations, and the bridal party who just felt like friends to me!

Best of all, they and their friends and family all shared such a profoundly honest and generous love for one another, that they welcome me into readily. What a dream.


kaitlin + zach

Ready for adventures, ready to try anything; so excited to work with these two again next year on their big day!


Introducing Kaite, the deeply empathetic, the peaceful, the bright, the gracious. This one is already rocking the world with her faithful kindness and vivacious energy towards life. And she’s a senior in high school!

Kaite, I am so proud of you.


jess + kevin

Congratulations to these ones! These two have been through thick and thin together, and it was such an honor to be around to celebrate the union best friends to one another, and to preserve these memories for them and their families. Jess and Kevin were a couple of the most easygoing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, while simultaneously knowing how to freaking party. What a riot!


rebecca + kwasi

I’ve known Rebecca and her family for several years, so being a part of her day with Kwasi was a special one for me. There is something so rare and beautiful about witnessing a union like this through the eyes of a camera lens; every little moment, every expression, every detail, every laugh.

What an honor it was to walk with these two beautiful, sincere, intelligent, selfless, and hardworking souls as they bonded their lives and cultures together. I only hope these pictures could do them justice.



World, meet Elizabeth! This girl is hardworking and introspective, and I’m thankful for her desire for honest relationships and trustworthiness.

Go get ‘em, girl!