laura + jack

What a delightful pair are these ones. I was so glad for Jack’s energetic enthusiasm and curiosity, and Laura’s sweet joy and calm demeanor. Meandering down unfamiliar trails, getting stuck in briars, and nearly getting run down by cyclists was a literal and figurative walk in the woods with these ones.

meagan + kevin

The love these two share has fought through so much. It is so beautiful to see them unified and caring for and loving one another deeply, faithfully, joyfully. If you see even a sliver of that in the pictures from this bright, wind-blown winter session, I'm happy.

Take a gander.

lauren + matt

There was so much laughter and joy during this session! So excited to celebrate with Lauren and Matt's union in November. Their love for one another is so sincere and gentle. I absolutely adore watching them interact.

All the heart eyes. Check it out.

wendy + andrew

These two are adventurers. Down-to-earth, flexible, lovers of nature and of ice cream; all qualities I can respect and stand behind one hundred percent.

We were so excited to have a fresh coat of fluffy snow covering East Lansing for these pictures, and I was thankful for Wendy and Andrew's willingness to try anything for this session. I hope you like what we got as much as we do!

sasha + sam

So thankful for the opportunity to photograph the long-lasting friendship and love of these two. They've been together for years, and it was such a blast adventuring through sunlight and leaves with them, laughing all the way. Their care for one another is truly so lovely.

Be prepared to see more of these next this summer when I photograph their wedding day! But for now, I hope you love these photos from the engagement session.

sidney + casey + isaac

What a beautiful day photographing Sidney, Casey and Isaac. They made me laugh so much, and I appreciated their willingness to sit in random spots in the beating sun.

stephanie + trevor

These two are getting married in just over a month!

Stephanie and Trevor (and Rowdy)  are adventurous and adaptable, and I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to photograph their love in the Windy City a few weeks ago! Stay tuned for pictures from their southern Michigan wedding later this summer.

rebecca + kwasi

Congratulations to Rebecca and Kwasi for their recent engagement! These two are a couple of kind, adventurous, hard-working and intelligent people. So excited for their wedding next year when they're both in the same state again!

annelise + caleb

Friends, check out how adorable Annelise and Caleb are. I laughed so many times wandering around the woods and country roads with these two. I admire their love for fun and laughter, and I hope I never forget to smile as much as they do.

vanessa + mat

Meet Vanessa and Mat, some of the most relaxed and easy-going people you will meet.