project 365: april

The month of April was for slowing.

It was one for realizations of simple truths; for excitement and longing, for coffee and tea and allergies. It held twilit ice cream ventures and hoop-shoots. It was for absorbing as much sun as possible and being given more clarity through it all.

The month of April was to be slowed and surprised.

project 365: march

March was learning to create again.

It was filled with celebrations of life (my own included) and reminders of truth. March was for truthful reminders, traditions, new shoes and good pizza; it was made of cold rain, art over coffee, unfamiliar sports, and learning to love, always.

This month was one to remind me how to be inspired.

sisterhood ii

Sisterhood, part II. The second of a new personal series, designed to stretch me as an artist and challenge to capture the living, breathing, and moving character in a person or relationship.

Alright guys, I think it's time you meet Juliana and Kirrily, some very dear friends of mine. Something I loved about shooting these two was the challenge and intrigue of capturing their great differences. I made an effort to keep in mind their story: how they have gone from being drastically different, and even somewhat distant most of their lives, to becoming good friends in the past couple of years. What a beautiful image of learning to treasure the things you have always had.

sisterhood i

Sisterhood, part I. The first of a new personal series, designed to stretch me as an artist and challenge to capture the living, breathing, and moving character in a person or relationship.

Everybody, meet Leah and Megan. Not only are they sisters but they are also best friends. It has been quite an experience watching them grow as individuals over the years, solidifying their personal characters and becoming increasingly more confident in the lovely women they are. But even further than that, I have witnessed their relationship, as they have changed, stay just as strong and honest as it ever was. Like many sisters, their differences can at some times be great. But, unlike many, these ones trust and rely on each other as friends as well.

vintage kelsie

The lovely Kelsie, a fellow photographer (see her work here) and I went on a spontaneous, vintage-inspired weekend photoshoot this fine cloudy day. It was such a gift to get the creative juices flowing again with her: traipsing around the city's little rusty brick corners, hopping around, scaling walls and bridges in ridiculously high heels. Along with being an incredibly imaginative, comfortable and encouraging photographer and friend, Kelsie also happens to be a striking model. Please enjoy!

project 365: february

The month of February was one for facing my fears.

It was one for soup and coffee dates with new people (the start of something), for getting taxes finished early; it was for scarves, sushi and sunlight. February was for line dances, bloody noses, succulents, and for crafting all night long. It was the month that held production week safely in her arms: encouraging me, driving me, and beginning to guide me into something greater than I expected.

February was for finding new homes.

project 365: january

January was for trying new things.

Not intentionally, of course. Not as a new year resolution. But this month definitely surprised me with pleasant experiences when I would surrender myself to them. It was a month gracious with quality time, heart-palpitating music, late night pizza and ice cream, green grass and inches of snow.

It was a month of serendipity, one might say; fortunate accidents.

project 365: december

The month of December was one for lament.

She was filled with nostalgic air; inhabited with days of gift-making, plot-scheming, power outages, unusually gracious sunny days, familiar paths, my first car; and dearly unexpected encounters, new appreciations, old connections.

December carried heaviness with its days, as I remembered back a year ago at this time, but she also held such delight, a newfound excitement for the holidays like I have never known.

project 365: november

November was for the unexpected.

It was for solo road trips to unknown places: reunions, poutine, face masks, arm scratches, watercolor, and the long-awaited exploration of abandoned buildings. It was a month scattered with broken days, twinkle lights, long awaited unions, sportsball, tried traditions, first snows, not enough coffee dates, and kisses in the rain.

November was an in-between month, one of confusion in seasons: trying to understand why there is no snow in me when I expect there should be.

project 365: october

The month of October was for teaching me to be vibrant like the leaves, no matter my state: to simply give life and make it.

It was a month of watercolor, car conversations, asking questions I never thought to ask, donuts, gourds and mini pumpkins, the color red, leaf crunches, and it was also filled with lucky finds and lucky keeps.

October was a month of gaining confidence in the state of things; learning that people have seasons, if you will.