This one is going places! And I don't just say that because she's family; Marissa is a driven student, an honest friend, and a talented dancer. Also, I'm pretty sure she read all three Lord of the Rings books before she reached the age of ten, if that says anything about her character and her desire to learn. She picks things up fast!

Marissa, dear, you have so much ahead.



The sweetest soul. Heidi is filled with creativity and kindness. This girl possesses a uniquely witty and adventurous perspective of the world, while maintaining a steady presence of mindfulness and care for those around her.

Heidi, I'm pumped to see the ways you use your gifts and your story as you step into the life you have ahead of you. You have so many gifts, and you are brimming with loveliness.



World, meet sweet Cayetana (that's: katie-AH-na) from Nebraska. This woman is nothing short of fierce. She is a senior in high school, and she is chock-full of spunk and grit. She is dauntless and dear, and he laughter gets me goin' every time.

Cayetana gets a special place in my heart, and I was so thankful to take yet another trip to her area to visit, take these pictures with her, and experience the Winnebago Powwow for the fourth time.

Enjoy those precious dimples, happy eyes, and lovely freckles.



I met Cole and his family on a mission trip to Mexico several years ago. Since then I have watched him go with them again and again to build homes and relationships there. Taking pictures with Cole was a humbling experience, as he was very easy-going having his picture taken, but I also learned more about his passion for the people of Mexico and his desire to study optometry so he can help them long-term!



Sweet Sophia is a senior this fall! This girl was such a joy to photograph. She is full of energy and smiles, and so very natural in front of the camera. She has dreams and a lot of heart; and she's coming for you, world!



Meet Ragen, a wise and gentle soul. This girl possesses a consistent and profound hope inside her that inspires me to always encourage and seek betterment myself. She's also just so fun to be around!



This is Mitchell: a skilled cellist, a gifted actor, and a witty friend.



Friends! Meet Ben, a quiet, funny, and respectable young man who loves his dog very much. I can appreciate that. Hope you can too!



Wow! Could photographing a human be any easier?

Aside from being an incredibly stylish, easy-going and gorgeous model, Megan also happens to be a wonderful sweetheart with a love for laughter and people. It was too easy walking through the woods with this one, and learning more of her desires and quirks.



World, meet Tate, and prepare yourselves, because this guy is a senior now and he's coming for you!