The sweetest soul. Heidi is filled with creativity and kindness. This girl possesses a uniquely witty and adventurous perspective of the world, while maintaining a steady presence of mindfulness and care for those around her.

Heidi, I'm pumped to see the ways you use your gifts and your story as you step into the life you have ahead of you. You have so many gifts, and you are brimming with loveliness.


stephanie + trevor

Wow. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to get married. This is a wedding I love looking back through; even though a few things didn't go as planned, the celebration went on, and the memories are gold.

I had the joy of photographing Steph and Trevor's engagement photos earlier on, so I got to experience the dynamic of their steady, devoted, and joyful love even before their wedding day. All the more exciting, then, to enter into this beautiful day with them. Everything about this day was full of fun, organic warmth and beauty—from the venue and the photo locations, down to the wildflower inspired florals and the place settings. The only thing missing was their dear pup, Rowdy!


erica + isaac

These two fought hard to get here. They traveled miles, crossed borders, and faced literal hurricanes in their journey to this day. And what a day it was. Charged with praise and gratitude for making it safely back to Michigan through the gales of hurricane Harvey. But they did it. Erica and Isaac are dang married! And what a celebration! It was a clear, beautiful day, brimming with laughter and the joy of a family all in one place; so vibrant with Venezuelan music, bright colors, and some seriously passionate jamming out.

Ladies and gents, Erica and Isaac.


vanessa + mat

Goodness, what a day. I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph these two for their fall engagement session, so I got to know them a little bit before the wedding day, and as I mentioned in the engagement blog post, these two are a couple of the most relaxed individuals out there. Their wedding day reflected that magnificently, as they were flexible with time frames, they laughed a lot and didn't stress, and they were ready to brainstorm fun ideas for pictures on this beautiful sunny day.

I hope, as you browse these pictures, you can feel the excitement and simultaneous relaxed atmosphere of Vanessa and Mat's lovely wedding day.



World, meet sweet Cayetana (that's: katie-AH-na) from Nebraska. This woman is nothing short of fierce. She is a senior in high school, and she is chock-full of spunk and grit. She is dauntless and dear, and he laughter gets me goin' every time.

Cayetana gets a special place in my heart, and I was so thankful to take yet another trip to her area to visit, take these pictures with her, and experience the Winnebago Powwow for the fourth time.

Enjoy those precious dimples, happy eyes, and lovely freckles.


jillian + alex

Jillian and Alex are a couple of incredibly thoughtful and spirited individuals. I'm so thankful for the pure energy brought about by the joy of their celebrations, their character, and the fun-loving friends who stood with them. They met at Hope College and win the award for team spirit!

I hope you enjoy the photos, and you can feel the energy and adventure that I experienced during this beautiful day.

Fire up for Jillian and Alex!


baby birdie

A continuation of the Veldhuijzen clan's pictures. Only this time, they have a new baby girl named Beatrix, fondly referred to as 'Birdie.'

World, meet Birdie. Birdie, meet the big ol' world.


I met Cole and his family on a mission trip to Mexico several years ago. Since then I have watched him go with them again and again to build homes and relationships there. Taking pictures with Cole was a humbling experience, as he was very easy-going having his picture taken, but I also learned more about his passion for the people of Mexico and his desire to study optometry so he can help them long-term!


bre + anthony

Ladies and gentlemen: Breanna and Anthony. These two are deeply loving, adventurous, driven, thoughtful, fun-loving, and relaxed. Plus, they're killer dancers.

Bre and Anthony's love for one another was humbling to witness, and even more so to photograph. So thankful for the opportunity to celebrate this beautiful day with the two of them!


sasha + sam

So thankful for the opportunity to photograph the long-lasting friendship and love of these two. They've been together for years, and it was such a blast adventuring through sunlight and leaves with them, laughing all the way. Their care for one another is truly so lovely.

Be prepared to see more of these next this summer when I photograph their wedding day! But for now, I hope you love these photos from the engagement session.