sara + aaron

Sara and Aaron, oh my. I can't tell you how much this day meant to me, how dear these two are to me.

I was privileged enough spend three months in close proximity with Sara as her roommate in England. We shared heartaches and prayed for one another. We climbed willow trees together and explored the old brick streets of York. We played with one another's hair and journaled together. I am blessed to call her one of my closest and most precious friends, even despite the hundreds of miles separating us. I witnessed the prolonged distance between her and her dear Aaron while I was with her, and my heart ached for the two of them. I remember our many conversations about the pain of separation. I remember Sara's Skype dates with Aaron, and the way he made her smile end encouraged her. I remember Sara dressing up to celebrate six months together, but apart. Watching Sara and Aaron finally and permanently united was one of my favorite experiences in life.

I only pray I could infuse into these photos some of the unending joy and delight that these two bring me.