sasha + sam

I am convinced that no one has ever been so accommodating and helpful to their wedding photographer as these two kind souls were for me. I knew Sasha and Sam were kind souls since I photographed their engagement pictures, but it struck me when, on their wedding day, the very first thing Sasha said when I walked into the salon where she got ready was, “did you get something to eat?”

In addition to the kindness they offered me there was so much efficiency in their scheduling and coordinating to make things easy for me and their other vendors, but still with so much readiness and ease for when things inevitably didn’t go as planned. They were excited to have my creativity present, open to ideas, but also brought their own ideas in order for us to collaborate together. All of this made the atmosphere an absolute piece of cake to work in; and that’s not to mention the stunning decorations, lovely shooting locations, and the bridal party who just felt like friends to me!

Best of all, they and their friends and family all shared such a profoundly honest and generous love for one another, that they welcome me into readily. What a dream.