baby birdie

A continuation of the Veldhuijzen clan's pictures. Only this time, they have a new baby girl named Beatrix, fondly referred to as 'Birdie.'

World, meet Birdie. Birdie, meet the big ol' world.

veldhuijzen clan

Jamie and Jochem are two incredibly gifted, adventurous and easy-going individuals. I am so happy for them as they, along with their little girl Esther, prepare for Baby Veldhuijzen who is coming in August!

the taits

Everything is an adventure with these two. I had fun running out in the snow to catch a couple festive photos with them! It's a dream when I can photograph people who are in love and willing to do crazy things like climb playgrounds and go down snowy slides.

the boeves

You may recognize a couple of the members of this beautiful family!


florence + noah maternity

I am so excited for Noah and Florence and their new baby girl! It was a unique experience photographing these gems, and I got to experience a little bit of the Sierra Leone culture when Flo asked to put on her African patterns. So much beauty!



This was my first time photographing a child and I absolutely loved it! Belinda and her mother Aminata are both so precious; I kept finding myself smiling behind the camera as I took pictures in the rain of these deep-dimpled, beautiful ladies.